Deadly Shark Power 48000 In Pakistan
Deadly Shark Power 48000 Delay Spray Price in Pakistan, Deadly Shark Power 14000 Delay Spray Price in Pakistan, Deadly Shark Power 25000 Delay Spray Price in Pakistan. Lethal Shark Delay Spray is successful for dragging out men’s sexual lifetime. It can improve sexual execution with confidence ingestion, is successful to forestall untimely discharge, can build male erectile capacity, and make the penis more troublesome. In the interim, it can disinfect and has a spotless cleansing impact.

Benefits Of Spray:
Growth Sexual Stamina
Increase Ejaculation
Growth of Sexual Stamina and Ejaculation
Timing Upto 20 to Twenty-five Minutes
A Hundred% Authentic
No Facet Effect
Reduces Sensitivity,
Enhance male erectile ability.

How to Use:
Shake the bottle well before use. Hold the bottle 2-3 inches away from the penis and spray the pump on the area of application 3 to 4 times. Also, apply on the head of the penis and the back as well. Wait 5 to 7 minutes before sexual activity. Do not use more than 5 sprays of 1-second duration each time.