Epimedium Macun Price in Pakistan is Rs : 8,500.00 PKR

What is Themra Epimedium Macun?

Themra Epimedium macun online in pakistan – natural aphrodisiac (also known as Horny goat weed) is a 100% natural product based on the gifts of nature that offers results similar to those of the chemical substances without any stress or negative effects. The main ingredient of the product is epimedium, a herb called in Chinese Yin Yang Huo, i.e. the herb that balances the Yin and Yang. The phlegmatic British call it for obvious reasons “Horny Goat Weed”. It stimulates erectile function of men and increases blood flow to vaginal tissues of women.

This aphrodisiac herb is grown in many parts of Asia and Europe. It’s action was discovered when it was found that there was a change in the sexual behaviour of the animals that were grazing it’s leaves. Epimedium is the endemic medicinal plant in southern China, where it is used not only as an aphrodisiac but also as a prime drug to combat erectile dysfunction. In Chinese traditional medicine, the herb is administered to both sexes.

In males, except erectile dysfunction (male impotence), it is administered to increase the sperm and the sexual satisfaction, while to women it is usually given to combat fatigue and hypertension occurring after menopause.

In the West, research has shown that the active substance of epimedium is “icariin”. In 2042, in the monthly edition of The American Chemical Union (American Chemical Association) the results of a research conducted by the team of the Professor of the University of Milan, Mario Dell ‘Agli were published about the impressive results of icariin against erectile dysfunction. The icariin, the active component of the herb, improves the blood flow in the genital and the erectile ability by binding the enzyme SHGB, which blocks the biological activity of testosterone. It strengthens the attenuated organisms and increases the sperm count in men and the sexual satisfaction in women.

With honey texture and flower honey in its components, the Epimedium macun is a product that combines epimedium with other miraculous gifts of nature, such as royal jelly, pollen, ginger, ginseng, the maca, cinnamon and vanilla. A spoon with a bitter-sweet flavour turns sex into a delight again. For everyone!

Horny Goat Weed is formulated for every man to live his sexual life more active and colourful. At the same time, it is a reliable herbal supplement which can be used safely in the problems of premature ejaculation and erection dysfunction (male impotence) . The whole of the Horny Goat Weed herbal extract in its content are the herbal extracts which have got quality analysis certificate.

How do I use epimedium macun?
How to use Themra Epimedium Macun? It is recommended to use one teaspoon. Before use mix thoroughly. After 20-30 minutes of use you’ll start seeing the effects.

Men can expect

It gives very strong erection power of masculinity
It increases the number of sperms
It has got a delaying effect
It increases the sexual power
It prolongs the duration of erection
It increases the number of sexual intercourse
It provides the effect of fertilization.
Women can expect
It provides more relax and pleasure
It maximizes the desire for sexual instincts
It reduces fear and anxiety
It reduces excess mucus
It provides the increasing in libido in women
It increases the secretion for estrogen
It solves the problem of vaginal drying
It enhances the sexual pleasure
It increases vaginal secretion
It sets the wetness again.
How To Use

1-2 spoon ½ hours before.

for General Tonics: 1 tea spoon at morning and evening

mix the paste well before use.

Epimedium Macun Price in Pakistan is Rs : 8,500.00 PKR
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