LICHEN Professional Black Hair Shampoo Online Sale
Dark Brown Hair Color Shampoo 200 Ml X 2= 400 Ml (Double Bottle)

Recapture your Handsome Black Hair with this revolutionary no-fuss shampoo.

Is there a shampoo that Colours your hair?
Hair dye shampoo is a type of shampoo that contains pigment and a few other ingredients that allow the pigment to either deposit or absorb into the hair to alter its color. It’s put into a shampoo formula to make things more convenient and get rid of the typical complicated and time-consuming process of hair coloring.

200 ml x 2 (double bottle)

1) Pass a skin allergy test before using. Wet your hair thoroughly.
2) Put on Gloves on your hands.
3) Press out the cream and paste on your hair, and massage for 5 minutes until the foam is clearly and evenly spread.

Black Hair Shampoo Price In Pakistan is Rs : 1,999 PKR