Power Horse Sidr Royal Honey (24 Sachets – 10 G)
Royal Honey blend is a vast energy source for proper body build up and is the miracle in treatment of sexual impotence and sterility.

Top 7 Benefits Of Power Horse Royal Sidr Honey
Get a HEALTHIER body
Emotions are more stable and not easily hot-tempered.
Waking up in the morning feels more refreshing.
Not easily feel sleepy and tired.
The mind becomes more rational because it can think calmly.
Become more focused and meticulous while working
Most importantly, we can reduce the risk of getting a dangerous disease.
Ingredients: Pure Honey 93% Radix Eurycoma lonifollia 3% Radix. Panax Ginseng 2% Royal Jelly 2%.

1 Box Contains (24 sachets X 10g)

Power Horse Royal Sidr Honey Price in Pakistan is Rs : 9,000.00 PKR