Procomil Timing Spray Benefits (45 ml) Spray:
The solid’s vitamin E spray both starts and maintains the cells.
Delay Spray is especially potent to prevent early pouring and prolonged sexual contact.
The quantity in the jug is favorable and frugal.
It is often for a high volume of use sprays.
75% of men suffer from the negative consequences of premature discharge.
The pair will value the increased fulfillment and prolonged joy.

Procomil Spray How to Use:
In Pakistan, apply Procomil Delay Spray twice to the head of the penis, wait five minutes, and then proceed. After spraying, if you experience any tingling, ignore it; it will go away in a minute. Alternatively, you can spray onto your palm and massage the procomil into your penis. Procomil spray made in Germany is available in Pakistan and costs procomil spray made in Germany. If you engage in oral sex, your partner won’t be able to detect that you’re using this spray because it doesn’t taste or smell.

Original %100 Procomil Timing Spray (45ml) in Pakistan – | Made in Germany | PKR 2000