Ufone SMS Packages Daily, Weekly & Monthly


Find latest and low rates Ufone SMS Packages Daily, Weekly & Monthly in this article – There are numerous telecom organizations working productively and successfully in Pakistan at an extraordinary rate. The urban areas in which their offers are available are extending at a colossal speed.

Assuming you need to think about the most capable technique for passing on your thoughts by means of messages critically then you have seen as the “IT” organization being “Ufone”. Ufone is one of the telecom organizations that incline toward quality in their bundles.

Assuming we think about the SMS bundles presented by Zong and Ufone, you will be illuminated to realize that Ufone is a decent decision for you in light of the fact that the assistance of sending messages by means of Zong is delayed when contrasted with different organizations explicitly Ufone. This organization offers incredible inclusion even in provincial regions.

The trademark that this organization advanced is “Tum He To Ho”. Ufone began their organization in 2001 and from that point forward they have been one of the top organizations. They offer SMS bundles to their Postpaid & Prepaid regular users. These SMS bundles can be for 24 hours, weekly, fortnight & monthly. They give these bundles at a reasonable rate. For UPaisa Account holders company also give more incentives.

They are easy to use and exceptionally reasonable. There are around 24 million individuals utilizing Ufone and the number of endorsers is expanding day by day. Ufone has gotten an honour in 2012 of the “Best Telecommunication Service Provider Award”.

Assuming you need to keep in contact with your friends and family or your companions consistently then Ufone is the organization you can select to. The codes are not difficult to recollect and the membership technique is likewise inconvenienced free.

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These bundles are balanced savings and you can undoubtedly message for quite a long time with practically no concern.

Ufone gives phenomenal bundles at low rates to its supporters. This organization never appears to quit astonishing their uses by offering such surprising SMS bundles.

Prepaid SMS Packages

Ufone offers the absolute best bundles to individuals who use Ufone as their SIM network for messaging or calling Ufone or others networks.

Daily SMS Bundles

These bundles empower you to message 24 hours without having any quandary whenever and any place. It incorporates:

Ufone Night SMS Bundles

You can prefer this proposal by communicating something specific of “SUB” to 609. This bundle offers 300 directives for 24 hours in 1 RS in particular. [table id=98 /]

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Ufone Daily SMS

This bundle is just substantial for Ufone to Ufone messaging.
This amazing package offers 500 messages in only 2 RS. You can prefer it by sending “SUB” to 611 and to withdraw send “UNSUB” to 506. [table id=99 /]

Ufone Daily

You can get 1500 SMS for a day in 3.99 RS. You can prefer this stunning bundle by sending “SUB” to 605. [table id=100 /]

Ufone UTH Bundle

It offers 600 SMS in 1.99+ RS duty and you can prefer this bundle by messaging of “SUB” to 612. [table id=101 /]

Ufone Weekly SMS Packages

Ufone Weekly SMS Package

This bundle offers 1200 SMS in just 10 RS. You can prefer this superb bundle by sending “SUB” to 608. [table id=103 /]

Ufone Asli Chapper Phaar Offer

This bundle offers 100 SMS, 100 on-net minutes, 1000 Free MBs in just 80 RS. The strategy to buy in is simple that is dial *5050#. [table id=102 /]

Monthly SMS Bundles

These bundles are wide-going as offering their clients a month liberated from stress over their mobile credit. These bundles are superior to what any organization has to bring to the table. These might include: [table id=104 /]

SIM Lagao Offer

This bundle offers 3000 on-net minutes, 3000 SMS, and 3GB of the net for 30 days at practically no cost. You simply need to dial *5000# to buy in. [table id=105 /]

Nayi SIM Offer

This bundle offers 1GB of information, 500 SMS, 500 on-net minutes, and 25 off-net minutes in only 50 RS+ charge. You can buy in by dialling *1000#. [table id=106 /]

Ufone Monthly SMS Package

This bundle offers 20,000 SMS in only 80 RS for the entire month. You can buy in by sending sub to 607. [table id=107 /]

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Ufone Super Card

In only 520 RS you can get 1000 on-net minutes, 150 off-net minutes,4000 SMS, and 1.2 GB information for 30 days. You can do free requires a month without contemplating re-energizing your telephone over and over. You can buy in by stacking the Ufone card of 520 or you can utilize the choice of ULOAD. [table id=108 /]

Ufone Super Card Plus

You can get 180 off-net minutes, 1200 on-net minutes, 1.5 GB information, and 4200 SMS to all organizations in 599RS for an entire month. You can prefer this extraordinary bundle by dialling *250# or re-energizing your record by means of this card or using the ULOAD offer. [table id=109 /]

Ufone 15 Days SMS Bundles

It offers 10,000 SMS for 15 days in only 30 RS. You can buy in by sending “SUB” to 603. [table id=110 /]

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